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Originally Posted by Nisto View Post
This album is meant to "complete" CPCA-1001. So these are additional tracks, none of which are featured on CPCA-1001, or vice versa. This one's not quite as good as the Original Soundtrack album IMHO, but there are definitely some must haves, like Wreckage of the mad experiment.
I see, I thought that might be the case, but I wasn't certain since (unless I'm mistaken) the "Complete Version" (CPCA-1052~3) of Code Veronica's soundtrack does appear to be the complete version of the album that released a year prior (CPCA-1037.)
I have to agree with you on the Original Soundtrack having an overall better selection, but as you said certain tracks exclusive to this album such as Wreckage of the Mad Experiment are indeed must-haves.
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