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Default VPCG-84762: A piece of tenchi muyo! GXP

1. Title
- Missing Japanese title
- title doesn't seem to match what is on the cover. What about "a piece of tench muyo GXP as a subtitle

2. Scans
- Missing scan titles. We have a pull-down menu full of common labels. Please use these or check that your capitalization is consistent.
- What are all these subpages you are scanning? Why not do a full scan set, properly labeled?
- You can pick the "Front" scan by marking it as the Default.

3. Catalog number
- Should be in caps

4. Product
- You need to include the anime/game name here

5. Artist Credits
- In the notes, you need to include a track breakdown for the artists. Track 1 is vocal, so you need to indicate that.
- We are missing the composer/arranger for the vocal. This can probably be found online (and verified vs scans), but that might require some new skills (though they are learnable even without learning the language.)

6. Tracklist
- You should be able to find these online somewhere, and then verify against your booklet's tracklist.
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