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Default Details about the 5-star rating


I think more details should be provided regarding the 5-star rating results. As it stands now, only the rating appears. Perhaps some details could be provided next to the rating to show the users who had voted and the total number of votes, so we can see whether that rating actually means anything. For instance, there's no way to know if a 2.5-star rating was given by only one person or averaged out by ten. The number of votes in this case makes a big difference. I mention showing who votes because by looking at their other ratings, it would be easier to know what type of music each user prefers. It could be that the user who voted didn't like that particular genre or the music simply wasn't that good. Either way, providing details about the rating should give more weight to the rating to users who aren't familiar with a particular soundtrack.


PS An option to undo a rating would be great as well.

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