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Default KECH-1206~7: Shin Sangokumusou Kyuukyoku Onban

OVER THE BLUE DRAGON seems to be Prototype/Unused. The description next to the track name is (オープニングOUT TAKE), so it seems to be a version of the opening theme that wasn't used. Shame, because it sure is cool The larger half of the Sangokumusou soundtrack was also very noticeably remastered for this collection. I've marked both these classifications for the entry.

Also, for CIRCUIT:

Secret Squirrel also linked to an information source in the Shin Sangokumusou 7 soundtrack thread.
The site lists 本間雅明 as the arranger for CIRCUIT, which is found in that game as well. If we're to trust the romanization of his name found in Dynasty Warriors 3, then I'll add Masaaki Honma as an arranger here, and... etc.

I changed the tracklist around a little. The Sangokumusou section was copied from the original release of the soundtrack, but this release uses parentheses rather than tildes, so I updated that. I also changed those songs from being in all caps. I feel the standardization for capitalization for this album was done a little backwards. This is a compilation release. One game's track titles don't need to blend in with other games' track titles, only with its own. Sangokumusou's translated track titles were written to match the other games' capitalization, but DW3's translated track title, 生路, wasn't written to match its own, lol. I left Path of Life alone though.

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