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Yeah, I know the product regions carry the currency code instead of the actual country code. And about that specifically, will it change in the foreseeable future because the current model never was quite accurate? You've recently altered unit so it can have an alias option too, something that only individual artist had before. Can you make sort of a similar thing for product region so the currency code becomes country code when used for product pages? USD -> USA or US if we go with the three or two letters standard (Musicbrainz is using two), JPY -> JPN or JP and such... Which brings me to Worldwide and WW for short (passable, like it's currently on Wikipedia). If it still has to be three letters, is a zero-width space (for "masking" purposes) plus WW an acceptable value?

I do apologize for bringing this up, I imagine it has a really low priority... but I'd like to know if something can be done.
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