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Originally Posted by Mortavia View Post

In our entry, I notice that we have this translated with the word disease...? Sure 疾 can mean that, but like all Japanese characters, it can have different meanings, and "disease" doesn't make any sense here. 疾・風・神・雷 is Dairaioh's theme. Dairaioh has an attack called "Jinrai", which is 神雷, the last two characters in the track name - it basically means "divine lightning". 疾風 is shippu, meaning "swift wind". I understand that the characters are spaced out and so we want to translate it like that, but 疾 can refer to swiftness. I think if we're going to translate it like this, it should be more like "Swift - Wind - Divine - Lightning".
actually, it's just 疾風神雷 with middots (to give a certain tone like you could say Ramza. Is. A. Noob. ;p)
it mustn't be translated by "Swift - Wind - Divine - Lightning"
疾風神雷 -> 疾風迅雷
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