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Originally Posted by Gigablah View Post
The reason I don't want to segment roles based on active involvement is that I'd have to do it for almost every other role as well, so a better way is to make it a separate field (the "featured" checkbox).
That's a really good point (although I don't remember ever linking performers or lyricists as featured, while we should, technically). If we have a good plan to solve the current issue with the "feat." function (e.g. lumping official releases all together with a swarm of Doujin albums), perhaps we don't need to separate credits based on involvement.

I don't think it's so wrong at all, but frankly, I feel a bit odd about bundling Programmer and Synthesizer Programmer, since the latter's actual role is often rather close to that of Arrangers (and thus referred as Synth Operators, Synth manipulators). I lost interest in the VGM technology age ago (or I just stopped pretending to know something), but Sound Programmer's main work can just be the management of sound drivers or audio channels. I guess Minoru Akao was often credited just because his sound driver was used in that game.

How about adding "Orchestration" as a sub-set of Arrangers?
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