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I agree that it's not a reason to go messaging everybody you see that owns it for a lossless rip of it, but then, there's no reason for that at all; that has nothng to do with whether or not something is out of print. And whether you could get a hold of it or not when it was in stock is irrelevant to the fact that it's still possible to listen to it afterward, and thank goodness. To say that "the only people that deserve to listen to something are the people that bought it" is a narrow-minded and ridiculous insult to the composers who worked so hard to make it. I'm sure they want as many people as possible to listen to their music and thanks to outlets like the internet, that is possible.

I'm not condoning downloading everything you see, but when it's out of print, it literally doesn't hurt anybody to download it. The same goes for "limited" or "enclosed" items; if their products were sold out, then who gives a shit if people download the music afterward. And, if it's reprinted, then you should buy it if you can, simple as that. Bottom line: there is a limited amount of physical copies and that's not the consumer's fault, nor should he suffer for it. I don't want to give excuses for not buying something if you can; I'm just saying there's only so much money an individual can make and only so much he can spend on non-essential things. It's just not possible to buy everything and thankfully, people don't need to.

But there's still no excuse to harass random people for downloads, if we're talking about the original topic here.
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