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I updated the first post already, as soon as I found any of these, but I don't want to be annoying and bump the thread too often.

The latest finds:

Parasite Eve
  • "GREG LICK 17" from "Best Service: Hallelujah" was used in 2.09 "U.B."
  • "GREG LICK 20" from "Best Service: Hallelujah" was used in 2.09 "U.B."

Ridge Racer 6
  • "109Sarod 23" from "PowerFX: New World Order 2" was used in 1.06 "Nitro Mantra"

  • "Track 80" (CDDA version; second sample) from "Best Service: Voice Spectral" was used in 18 "Martial Master -Billy's mix-" (on VICL-15039)

Tekken 5
  • "D OCRNA FX 1" from "Spectrasonics: Heart of Africa" was used in 1.07 "Formless Like Water"
  • "88 Jimmy Break" from "East West: bt Breakz From the Nu Skool" was used in 1.23 "One More"
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