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The Ocarina of Time sample plays already by 0:07 - partly, but at 0:11 you hear the full drum sample.

As for the Majora's Mask one:
I actually posted about the sample on Zeldauniverse already, but since their database crashed only a day after I posted it, the post is now gone. So I guess you didn't see it. Luckily Google cached the post just in time. Check it out.

I use the original titles (often Japanese) to avoid any confusions. Most of the times there is only one tracklist on a soundtrack release. Also, I'm used to listening to the Japanese release of Majora's Mask since I own it, so I naturally took the titles from that release and not the NA release. I don't like using (unofficially) translated titles (if they even exist), because many times there are more than one translation of a track around places, or people attempt to translate it themselves, and as such, it may lead to confusion (like the Highschool of the Dead track that Mortavia posted about above).

But I could start adding alternative titles (i.e. official ones) if that makes things easier? With Ocarina of Time I did in fact use the NA title, because there are actually two sets of tracklists on the soundtrack release.

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