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Originally Posted by Porter View Post
@LiquidAcid: Full Metal Panic! this was amazing anime with great score by Toshihiko Sahashi.

My favorite track (M9)
It's still my favorite mecha anime and also generally ranks very high among the anime which I've watched. I don't think I've seen a better hero/heroine pairing in another work, a pairing where neither the male nor the female part feels superfluous at time. Just a really beautiful mix.

Until another season of the anime comes out (if it ever will *sigh*), I keep on reading the translated FMP! Sigma manga. I don't think anyone is seriously working on the light novels atm (which were finished IIRC?).

From the first season I especially like Counterattack (which should be one the OST Vol. 2). It gives this really epic herioc feeling

From the TSR season I'd say Victory, the last track on the OST before the ED theme.
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