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Originally Posted by leatherhead333 View Post
I certainly hope so D:

Btw has Majestic Prince gotten a release date yet? I searched for it and nothing came up on here or cdjapan.
TOHO's catalog looks like this right now.

THCS-60000: Majestic Prince OP
THCS-60001: Majestic Prince ED
THCS-60002: ???
THCS-60003: ???
THCS-60004: Fantasista Doll OP
THCS-60005: Fantasista Doll ED

Either the missing ones are new OP/ED or 2CD soundtrack. Majestic Prince currently has drama CDs listed for all 9 blu-ray volumes.

EDIT: Is new OP/ED, not soundtrack. So the soundtrack, if released, is going to be released later than August 21st...

Originally Posted by leatherhead333 View Post
Oh man I REALLY hope Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge doesn't get shafted and ends up not getting an OST release. I'm really hoping some solid info on it's release date shows up soon or i'll be very worried . There are so many tracks that have captivated me so far and it's only getting better.
Possibly bad news. Blu-rays were originally listed with no bonus CDs but it updated the other day and now there are bonus CDs. No more info at the moment other than that vol.1 has a drama CD.

Originally Posted by leatherhead333 View Post
I really hope no tracks are left out in the ost release of attack on titian. I don't think i've come across one reused track so far. And all of them are splendid.
The soundtrack was mastered today and it is 77 minutes long. So I don't think they are leaving anything out.

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