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Originally Posted by nextday View Post
The Attack on Titan anime has been getting worse every week in my opinion. The recaps keep getting longer and the animation quality keeps getting lower... I think I might just stick to the manga.

And it doesn't help that Sawano and Revo both failed in the music department. Trashy soundtrack and trashy opening theme.
Please keep in mind most anime episodes are around 200,000-500,000 per episode. It's likely about the time Attack on Titan is all said and done they will have blown 2-5 million. The production values have probably been toned down since the anime in the slow part of the story so there isn't really any need to go over the top and blow unnecessary money. Once the fighting starts again it's likely we'll see why it's still the best animated show of this season and last.

Of course this all opinion based but still i don't see how one can say Attack on Titan is a BAD show. At the very least it's decent and throws you for a wild ride from the very first episode. I mean i honestly think it actually deserves much of it's popularity MUCH more than Sword Art Online did (which failed at the 2nd season).

I'm certain it will sell well though so hopefully we'll get to see more after it's over (i think the manga is still ongoing).
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