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Originally Posted by leatherhead333 View Post
But i just think some people just need to watch anime with more of an open mind these days.
You're confusing "open mind" with uncritically.

Originally Posted by leatherhead333 View Post
Anime really has no room to innovate anymore. Just about every good idea has been done already in some form.
I strongly disagree. You could say the same thing about literature and movies. And still good books and film are coming out every year.

No, the problem is that once something becomes mainstream enough, creators/publishers/etc. want to play it safe. And that means catering to the largest audience possible. And we all know what happens if you try to please everybody. Things start to loose their "edge". The product might not be exactly bad, but it doesn't stand out either. And here lies the problem. To make something that stands out, you have to sacrifice compatibility with the masses.

And this trends gets worse and worse, mainly because productions get bigger and bigger and therefore also more expensive. And nobody wants to invest huge amounts of money into something, where there is no clear guarantee that it will also generate at least the same amount of revenue.

Originally Posted by leatherhead333 View Post
The only way to be original is to make a REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY silly concept or trait for the main character (like the having a zombie fetish or something of the sort).
Again, disagreed. For me a concept for a story has to be credible. That's not to be confused with realistic. I think people often mix these two up. You can have an unrealistic story e.g. set in a magical world, etc., but it still being credible. For this development has to be consisted. Actions got to have a reason, even if they're explained much later in the story. You have to understand what characters do, even if they're doing the wrong thing. Also applies to the antagonist.

You make things too silly, you instantly lose all credibility. Some people might enjoy this, but not me. The only things that are worse that this, are probably these american sitcoms with laugh track to indicate where people are supposed to find something funny.

Originally Posted by leatherhead333 View Post
Anime veterans will always complain about such things which somewhat annoys me. You might as well stop watching anime all together if that's the case.
And I'll keep watching because there are some gems from time to time. And I think it's worth to salvage them from the large amount of junk.

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