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Default Kumi Tanioka (#352)

Kumi Tanioka is the first cited composer in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity's credits ! (and it turns out she was retweeting a lot of stuff about it recently)
Here is an small portion of the sound credits (source : :
Sound Director: Yugen Umemura

Sound Supervisor:
Hidehisa Nakazono

Sound Technical Advisor:
Masato Koike

Kumi Tanioka
Reo Uratani
Ryotaro Yagi
Haruki Yamada

Music & Sound Designers:
Ayana Hira
Asami Mitake
Hikaru Yamada
Shigekiyo Okuda
Gota Masuoka
Junya Ishiguro
Masako Otsuka
Takashi Yoshida
Hiromu Akaba
I'm very surprised ! I was expecting a full Koei Tecmo sound team or a collaboration between Koei Tecmo and Nintendo (à la Persona 5 Scramble and its collaboration with Atlus), but instead we have a collaboration between Attic Inc. (Kumi Tanioka, Haruki Yamada + Kenji Nakajo as a music coordinator), freelancers (?) (Reo Uratani and Ryotaro Yagi) and an army of Koei Tecmo composers/sound designers !

I think this is great news ! Tanioka is a talented composer (I don't know much about the others) and the music we heard so far is really good !
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