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Originally Posted by quintin3265 View Post
I only plan to post free works that were publicly released to download on remix sites by anyone. Additionally, I spent two weeks creating a "claims" process where anyone can "claim" their songs by providing evidence such as a link to a forum post announcing its release. People who claim songs can revise them, change their attributes, or delete them entirely if they wish. If they delete them, they won't be readded.

Anything that is even remotely commercial will definitely be avoided. Also, there's a post on the Overclocked ReMix forums where Liontamer specifically authorizes thousands of works to be added.
Which post would that be, exactly?

I run OC ReMix, you might know me, and please be informed that I unequivocally do NOT support your actions.

You are scraping communities that were built up over years just to bump your stats. Inherent in the OC ReMix terms of use is that we reserve the right to deny usage of this nature, and let me be clear, we DENY USAGE OF THIS NATURE to you.

I'd like to quote a post from your own blog:

"While some people view the CBS television show SURVIVOR as a social experiment, or a "game," I see it as a microcosm of life itself. I urge people who are trying to get ahead in the world to watch the show, because the same exact tactics required to win SURVIVOR are those that can be used to become the CEO of any major corporation."
It seems like that's your attitude towards life, and running your site, and it's not okay with me, and it's not okay with our staff, and I'm pretty sure it's not okay w/ VGMdb either.

I don't approve of the action you've taken with VGMix, but I am not in a definitive position to prevent it. With regards to OC ReMix, I'm telling you very specifically: GET ARTIST CONSENT FIRST.

And, by the way, based on your actions to date, and specifically with regard to your mass-move of VGMix songs without any effort to obtain consent, we will be advising ALL artists to avoid you.

You do not want to do this.