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I removed all of these works yesterday, so this is no longer an issue. I appreciate the input of everyone and have done what was asked.

djpretzel, I really don't want to get into another argument with you, but I'm tired of your site's administrators attempting to misrepresent what has actually occurred over and over again.


1. Not a single song was ever added from Overclocked ReMix to this site that was not also on another site, so it is irrelevant whether you deny permission or not. You never bothered to check. Why weren't these songs republished? Because you had already published them and I wasn't trying to compete with your site.

2. Had I published the Overclocked ReMix archive, it wouldn't be legally enforceable unless you changed your republication policy to apply equally to all sites.

3. The songs that were added were checked to ensure they originated from sites that had republication policies. The other 2000 songs in the archive I could not source were never published.

4. Other sites, such as, have republished your works without your permission, but you have not taken action against those sites.

5. It is hypocritical for you to make a big fuss about artists controlling works. You do not delete works even when artists request their deletion. I have allowed every single artist who has ever requested works to be deleted to remove theirs, before this and in this instance.


You could have simply waited for me to reply to your private message, when I would have clarified that I never posted any of Overclocked's songs, instead of making a huge scene here denying permission for something that nobody ever did.

On Overclocked ReMix, you made accusations in poor taste against me and then deleted your comments so that others would not see them. If you are willing to allow me to post on your forums without closing my threads and assuming I'm there to disrupt the community, then say so and we'll call a truce. I had always thought that to be the better idea and wanted to help you. Otherwise, I simply ask that you refrain from posting here, as there are people on the Shizz willing to help and I want to spend my time improving the site.
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