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When you mischaracterize the statements of myself, or OCR staff, I feel obliged to point it out. I hope you don't consider that to be bullying or belittling.

When you announce plans to assimilate thirteen years worth of music without artist consent, and then assert that you never had such plans, I also feel obliged to point that out as well, more for the sake of clarity than any personal need to humiliate you. Once again, I don't consider this bullying or belittling.

I'd rather not be here, writing this at all, to be sure. While you can try to segue this into a question of tone or rhetoric, the main thing to me is that you understand our position, and the problems with your actions, and that all others affected are also informed. What they choose to do with the information is their prerogative.

You can play the "I'd rather not argue" card on this (if you're actually "tired" of "arguing" - wouldn't you BE tired? As in, simply not reply?), or the "you're bullying me" card, and perhaps that will resonate with someone, somewhere. I'd hope that the reality of the situation is apparent to most, though, and that such attempts to mask it by framing things as adversarial are seen for what they are.

At this point I don't believe anyone is requesting anything more from you, but I'm honestly more concerned about what the future might bring. When you live & die by analytics, and all other factors are a distant second, this type of decision-making tends to repeat itself. I honestly don't feel like you've learned anything from this. You've had Jake tell you, you've had Doug tell you, I've told you, and VGMdb staff have told you, and you're still insisting on characterizing yourself as a victim, and admit no wrongdoing.

To me, that forecasts repeat actions of this nature in the not-too-distant future, but I'd legitimately prefer that you prove such concerns wrong.

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