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I'm sorry, OK? I think that after reading this it's obvious to everyone, including myself, that uploading songs was the wrong choice. That's why every trace of them is gone and there are no plans to readd them.

I'm still not clear as to what your role is in all of this. None of the songs were even from your site and none of your policies was violated. No money was ever made off any songs. You hate me, so why would you care about teaching me or what I learn? Why do you continue to blast off E-Mails to gin up trouble? How is it your business what Chris and Secret Squirrel do with the VGMdb?

If an impartial observer happened to stumble upon this thread who was reading it for the first time, who would be perceived as having the more reasonable personality? Just leave us alone already, both here and at the Shizz.
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