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Originally Posted by quintin3265 View Post
Edited: I wanted to point out that Liontamer seems reasonable here, and I don't have anything against him.
I appreciate that, I'm pretty laid back to begin with. That said, you're framing me as "reasonable" as some sort of implication that djpretzel has been unreasonable, hateful, wrong, and/or biased against you due to some sort of personal agenda, and he's been none of those things, so I think framing yourself as a meek victim and punching bag needs to stop.

Like he's said in response, "you can try to segue this into a question of tone or rhetoric," but you consistently ducked his point, which is that he quoted your own statement on your intent, and what you planned to do was unethical, and how you've handled this was misguided and unethical.

If you're wondering why he entered the situation, it's because you stated (and he quoted it verbatim) your intent to copy all of the site's music content for your site. [Again - "Since zircon said it is also acceptable to upload the entire Overclocked ReMix canon, I'll do that sometime tomorrow."]

I'm sorry you feel badly about being confronted about it, and not fully thinking things through, but he hasn't said anything unreasonable to you, he's going by what he's seen. djpretzel's been very reasonable in confronting you about a situation having to do with artists' rights to distribute their music in the way that they are aware of and agree to; it hasn't been anything personal or hateful.

"I'm still not clear as to what your role is in all of this." You think once you said "OK, I won't upload OC ReMixes," he should go away, but it's not that simple. He's not only advocating for artists who have sent music to OC ReMix but to other communities as well. And it's ONLY because he was willing to contact the people in charge of those communities -- work that you didn't do -- that this came to their attention. So his role has been to turn the stones you left unturned by not disclosing your approach to building a website. It's a fairly critical role.

The whole cutthroat/Survivor/reality show point of view on LIFE is just off-putting, and I agree with what he's said about your conduct and your wrong-headed approach to constructing a website and "community." It's not a dump on quintin party, it's just my observation as well.

EDIT: Looks like djpretzel saw your reply first. I agree with what he says there, it's nothing different than what I've taken away from reading these posts. Don't use my demeanor as a way of discrediting what he's said, it's still correct.
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