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Originally Posted by Razakin View Post
And regarding to threads about new community sites and asking for members/tracks for it, would you enjoy if I would start a site called "www.BESTVMGTRACKSEVAR.NET" and started asking members/tracks on here, on your 'turf'?
The answer to this question is I would welcome the opportunity to help. djpretzel and I just think differently. The idea that I have any "turf" is alien to me, and you'll notice that I've never used the word. I have never said that there is "my community" and "his community" - those were his words.

Anyway, I'm going to set up a new forum soon. I think this conversation has reached a conclusion and I won't be posting in this thread anymore. If you want to help the discussion going on at the Shizz or at the new forum, then feel free, but nothing is being accomplished and these sort of discussions are sucking time away from improving the site.
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