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Hey quintin, Snappleman here,

You had a whole mess of my old work on there without my permission and when I asked you to take it down, it was taken down, so thanks for that. But what I want to tell you is that when you do things like that, it really turns me off as an artist and doesn't make me feel inclined to really support your site or upload any of my work to it.

I know you've heard this all before, but you won't be successful at this as long as you are trying to be successful. There is no "success" as you are trying to achieve here. People don't get paid for this, DJP isn't making a living by running OCR. It's a hobby that people dedicate their free time and money to because they love the music and they love the community. For all the years that this has been going on, you've proven time and time again that you're in it for the status, and believe me when I tell you that it turns off artists and fans alike.

Without a genuine love for the community (that means getting involved in things other than site promotion and complaining about being unpopular) you're doomed to repeat this cycle of failure over and over again. I've been in this game a very very long time, and friendships/relationships/rivalries all matter, and mutual respect is earned and completely necessary.

So yeah, in short: make friends and talk about games once in a while, attend events and have fun with the people, otherwise they wont care to support some random dude who just wants to use their music for his own gain. There's nothing you can do or add to the site that'll make you popular.