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Very interesting topic. For instance, some albums that can be discussed:

Denshi no Umi: arranged free album by the one of the original composers himself. Doujin or/and Independent?
We Express Ourselves With T-Shirts: original work by Another Soundscape. He made arrangements on OCRemix albums and he also composed original soundtracks.

I agree with everything IRA said, but I don't know if the merge of the two categories would be ideal in my opinion. Besides, I don't know if the solution could be a change of the "Independent" name (since Doujin are also Independent), like "Self-Published" as Datschge suggested.

Originally Posted by Gigablah View Post
"What if Nobuo Uematsu released an album of original works through his personal website?" Having the doujin/indie type and color-code wouldn't seem appropriate for this.
Allow me give an example that really happened. Some time ago, Yuzo Koshiro shared for free on Ancient website a track called "Bare Knuckle All Mix", a non-stop mix with arranged tracks from Streets of Rage trilogy. This track was never officialy released on CD. I don't made an entry for this, but in this case a Doujin/Indie doesn't seem to be the most accurate release type choice.

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