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Originally Posted by Blitz Lunar View Post
I think that only leaves the two Tournament songs and Warning Siren, plus jingles. and all those original songs for Brawl which would be even more of a headache to decipher x3
No sweat; Shogo and Hirokazu were the only ones credited for composition, so there's a 50/50 chance for each of the remaining original tracks.

Battlefield - Ando (Menu 1)

Metal Battle - Ando (Agrees; clearly the same style as Meta Crystal)

Final Destination - Ando (Obvious enough with the Smash 64 credits)

Giga Bowser - Ando (Would make sense, but I think VideoGameScrapBook tagged it as Shogo Sakai [and not Final Destination])

Multi-Man Melee ver. 2/Final Destination ver. 2 (Used in Event 51) - Shogo, because of the use of Opening.

Trophy/Figure - Ando, I guess [Sounds more like Menu 1 than Opening]

Trophy/Figure Get - Shogo

Rare Trophy/Figure Get - Shogo [Reused as an achievement fanfare in Brawl]

Targets - Shogo [with the guitar]

How to Play and Tournament (2/both) songs - Shogo, I guess. Same intensity; all of them returns in Brawl slightly different, like other arrangements by Shogo (see below).

Classic/Simple Intro - Ando [reminiscent of Stage Start from N64]

All Stage Clear - Shogo (?)

Continue and Game Over - Shogo [both cleaned up for Brawl]

Adventure Intro - Shogo [related to How to Play]

1P Mode Clear/Ending - As much as I want to say Ando (Menu 1), the fact that it reappears in Brawl in a more enhanced form along with other Shogo songs (like Super Mario 3 and Fire Emblem) makes me say Shogo.

All-Star Rest Area - Shogo, I guess

Stage Clear Fanfares (2/both) - Shogo, since the same type of sound reappears in Brawl for its Stage Clear Fanfares

Achievement Fanfares (3/all) - Shogo, since the same type of sound reappears in Brawl for its Achievement Fanfares

Challenger Appears - Shogo

Warning Siren/Escape - Shogo (Did the other Metroid arranges)

Hammer - Ando [different from N64, but still]

Character Victory Jingles - Same as arranger of stages: Mario (Shogo), DK (Shogo), Zelda (Shogo), Metroid (Shogo), Yoshi (Ando [or maybe Shogo]), Kirby (Ando [or maybe Ikegami]), Star Fox (Ikegami [or maybe Ando]), Pokemon (Shogo), F-Zero (Shogo [or maybe Takuto]), Mother (Tadashi [or maybe Shogo]), Ice Climbers (Shogo), Fire Emblem (Shogo), Game & Watch (Shogo)

NOTE: The credits on the Orchestra CD are in descending order of consistency. I figured that out in determining that Akito Nakatsuka composed Mach Rider through the Great Medley. [See this page]

Therefore, the Original Medley must also follow the same logic, meaning that Shogo definitely did the majority of the six tracks; the order of the tracks is not an issue, so "Menu 1" (Ando) being the fifth doesn't mean that "Ending" was also done by him, nor did Sakai necessarily do All-Star Rest Area because it's first. So the consistency is either 5S and 1A, 4S and 2A, or 3S and 3A.

In conclusion, any song that was edited/built on in Brawl is most likely Shogo, the only one of the four to return for Brawl.

You do realize that nearly all of the original songs in Brawl are the SAME THEME OVER AND OVER AGAIN, and that the main version was arranged by Shogo Sakai, meaning he basically owns the song in its entirety after Nobuo Uematsu. The fact that Ando, Ikegami, and Takuto are not present here makes Melee-to-Brawl comparisons ridiculously easy.

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