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Symphonic suite Z-GUNDAM
Artist: 渡辺克 (horn player) = Katsu Watanabe
Source 1 (DrillSpin profile)
Source 2 (Credited in a Dragon Quest album)
Source 3 (Credited alongside several musicians from the All Japan Symphonic Orchestra)

Artist: 舩橋由佳子 (violin player) = Yukako Funahashi
Source 1 (A blog entry by someone called Yukako Funahashi. I think it's the blog of this artist because she sometimes speaks about violin related things. yukalin = yukako+violin)
Source 2 (An old alumni of the New England Conservatory and this page confirms it [ARTificial harmonic paragraph])
Source 3 (Violin performance on a piece called "Anhelo")

Artist: 徳田振作 (oboe player) = Shinsaku Tokuda
Source 1 (Credited in the album "Katra Turana")
Source 2 (Another album where he is credited)
Source 3 (Credited as artist in the Akiko Kasama Fagott Recital)

Artist: 中順子 (percussion player) = Junko Naka
Source 1 (Credited for marimba performance)
Source 2 (Member of the New Japan Philharmonic World Dream Orchestra along with Toru Yamada and others)

Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ Original Soundtrack
Artist: 石山直城 (horn player) = Naoki Ishiyama
Source 1 (DrillSpin profile)
Source 2 (Credited alongside Kazuyuki Akasaka & Hirofumi Mori)

Artist: 齋藤善彦 (horn player) = Yoshihiko Saito
Source 1 Source 2 (There are two instances in our database where a person named Yoshihiko Saito is credited for horn performance)
Source 2 (A sort of profile of this hornist which indicates he has worked as studio musician and is a member of the TAD Wind Symphony)
Source 3 (In this pdf, aside from containing more recent photos of this artist, gives a hiragana reading of his name: さいとう よしひこ)

The Best of Arslān
Artist: 宮原 惠太 (keyboards) = Keita Miyahara
Source 1 (It's already in our artist database)
Source 2 (Not the first time he and Norihiro Tsuru worked together)

Artist: 荒木博司 (guitar player) = Hiroshi Araki
Source 1 (His website)
Source 2 (Live performance in youtube)
Source 2 (Credited in an album along with Norihiro Tsuru)

Artist: 波多野せい (violin player) = Sei Hatano
Source 1 (Romanized names of the members of the Crane Strings Quartet, so this source can be applied to the other members of this quartet)
Source 2 (Sei Hatano is mentioned as violin teacher)

Artist: 飯島多惠 (violin player) = Tae Iijima
Source 1 (Aside from the aforementioned source, in this page is listed another performance of the Crane String Quartet with a new member, Kazuko Masuda)

Artist: 宇佐美 久惠 (viola player) = Hisae Usami
Source 1 (It's unnecesary by now, but another credited performance of the Crane String Quartet)

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