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Originally Posted by layzee View Post
For anyone who likes Hirota's style in Shadow Hearts, Kinema in the Hole is the next logical step when it comes to further exploring his discography. However, if you're not a fan of female Japanese vocals (or any type of singing for that matter), then maybe it might not be for you.
The aversion to vocals among video game music fans baffles me. Perhaps it's a reaction to the crappy music on the radio.

Kinema's been on my radar for a while, but imports are so expensive that I have to pick and choose what I buy (and I prefer not to pirate things that are still in print).

I have also heard the soundtrack to Bomberman 64 2, but that was co-composed with ACE and Mitsuda, and I don't know what exactly was Hirota's on it. There's some good music there, but it's nothing really amazing in my book (although Blitz Lunar's a fan, if I remember correctly).

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