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You can't vote on it at all, it's closed, ahahah.

No, seriously though, this is kind of interesting... considering I see instances sometimes where a record label has a very specific scheme they use and yet we use a different one anyway. It says in the thread linked here that we should use a certain format "where it is apparent that the intent was to use a number similar to this format". But DigiCube ALWAYS uses

SSCX 12345

so I'm not sure we can say they "intended" to hyphenate the catalog number. I think that in the entirety of all their releases, one was written with a hyphen, and that might have only been in one place on the album (sorry, I can't think of which one it is right now). Other than that, they always put a space. Yet, we hyphenate it. Then there's the Tokyopop label, which we strangely decide not to hyphenate even though we could like DigiCube. I would guess that maybe it's because the XXXX-2 is hyphenated, but then that doesn't explain Sumthing Else, which follows the exact same scheme as Tokyopop but it is hyphenated. There's also Falcom... couldn't we say they "intended" to do the same thing? Why not NW-10103260?

It's always struck me as sort of odd that we assume certain things, when we're usually so strict about doing things exactly the way they're written. Now can't we make the argument that, in the case of any typo/misspelling in a tracklist, they intended for it to be spelled correctly? The catalog numbers aren't government issued or something - they are just as creative as any other part written on a soundtrack's packaging/artwork/etc, they are a number made up by people. Especially Team Entertainment's catalog numbers really display this, they do all sorts of things with their numbers, because they can.

Well, food for thought, anyway~

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