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I have been ripping the ISO's for various games (download, burn to CD with Nero, then rip/convert the .wav files as with a normal CD using EAC). Originally I had planned on doing it for some Turbo Duo games that were far outside my price range and I only wanted the redbook audio (*cough* Sapphire, Cotton), but I ended up doing some Sega CD games as well and really noticed they sounded excellent. I have listened to and ripped PC Engine CD's for the longest time (I own a Duo at home, never owned a Sega CD and never wanted to, heh) and was always on the fence about the sound quality, so the results from the above Sega CD redbooks being really high quality shocked me.

To be fair, the Lords of Thunder for Sega CD sounds re-recorded in some spots, but considering it's still around 50 minutes of 80's shred guitar, it's easy to just sit through. The PC Engine version is still good and kickass, but can be quite shrill at times (not unlike early Malmsteen CD's) and I usually have tended to just pop it on for a track here and there over the years. And while I love the arrangements of Duo Ys III, the melodies and snares were always at the forefront, not really giving the harmonies much room to breathe.

Edit: Since there is no official release for Lords of Thunder, is there any issue with me uploading a few comparison tracks?

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