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Bumping the hell out of this thread because Smash 4 for 3DS/Wii U includes a bunch of Melee reprises... with arranger credits:

Hirokazu Ando: Battle Theme (Pokémon G/S), Big Blue, Corneria*, EarthBound (Fourside)**, Green Greens, Kongo Jungle (DK Rap), Mach Rider, Mother 2 (Pollyanna), Poké Floats, Saria's Theme**, Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Story
Tadashi Ikegami: Fountain of Dreams, Venom
Takuto Kitsuta: Great Bay, Mute City
Shogo Sakai: Brinstar*, Brinstar Depths*, Dr. Mario*, Fire Emblem*, Hyrule Temple*, Icicle Mountain, Jungle Japes**, Mother (Onett), Pokémon Stadium (Pokémon R/B), Princess Peach's Castle, Rainbow Cruise*, Super Mario Bros. 3

Starred* songs are in both the 3DS and Wii U versions, unstarred are only in the Wii U version.

Double starred** songs are in Smash Ultimate.

Also confirms Ando composed Flat Zone, which we knew already.

EDIT: There are 4 unlockable tunes I left off initially and just added: Battle Theme, Icicle Mountain, Poké Floats, and Pokémon Stadium.

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