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Default VGM decibel

It is my great pleasure to announce a new regular feature at VGMdb -- the new official VGMdb podcast. VGM decibel is a bi-monthly show that will feature the latest news and happenings in the video game music industry, with insightful discussions, roundtables, indepth reviews and interviews with composers and artists. One of the major goals for VGM decibel will be to bring the game music community together while making game music easier to approach, understand and acquire. The show will be hosted by 2 of the most knowledgeable and personable individuals in the VGM scene: Audi "Akumu" Sorlie and Carl Larson.

Audi "Akumu" hails from Norway and is one of the world's most knowledgeable experts on music in the doujin and remix scenes. Since an early age, he has collected video game music, but he has also traveled the world meeting many composers and remixers, acquiring a collection of interesting stories in the process.

Carl Larson is from America and has been an avid collector of Japanese game music for over a decade, searching out obscure albums from the past as well as enjoying current hits. With respect for early record labels like GMO and Scitron, his interest in the business side of soundtrack publishing and artist marketing inspires his visits to Tokyo in hopes of establishing future game music collaborations.

There will be 2 shows a month: The 1st show will concentrate on new releases, upcoming events, new reviews, among other things, while the second show will focus on the past releases, with interviews, and a special segment by Carl discussing the major game music releases of 20 years ago. In addition to these regular features, there will also be a Doujin Profile segment, highlighting a doujin artist and featuring some of their works. Naturally, each show will also have a request section as well as a Q&A segment.

The first show will be recorded very soon, so stay tuned for further news.
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