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I've been digging into this one recently, but I'm a little lost on some of the source tracks for the arranges on disc 1. Here's what I can decipher on my own:

01) Welcome to Mario World / (?) Guessing SMW title theme?
02) Super Mario World / SMW Athletic
03) Morning of Yoshi's Island / SMW Overworld
04) Mario! Stay Alert! / SMW Underground, SMW Ghost Mansion
05) Thank You, Mario! / SMW Ending
06) Super Mario Bros. / SMB1 Overworld, SMB1 Underground (underworld segment is very small)
07) Shining Coral / SMB1 Swimming
08) Go! Go! Raccoon Mario / SMW3 Overworld
09) Mario Club Band / SMW3 Athletic
10) Peaceful Mushroom-World / (?) Can't place this one at all
11) Good Night, Mario / SMB1, SMB3 Ending

Can anyone give me any idea of what I'm missing?
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