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Originally Posted by depa View Post
1) The CD release should be the parent since it has the same date release of the Vinyl release.
Done. I didn't know about the policy that the CD counts as parent.
2) About the price release looking here, it's 2812 yen. But I have discovered on the first HNK album (D30G-0038) there are two obi in existence with different prices; the copy I have of that album has a different price from this, but they have the same code bar.
Well, I changed it to the one we can see on the obi since it's definitly a correct price.

3) Most japanese sites report "水谷公生" like arranger of tracks 9 & 10. It stands for "Mizutani Kimio", but other western sites report "Mizutani Kousei" as different translation. Honestly don't know which is the correct one.
Oh, I don't know why I forgot to add him! As for the romanization: The japanese wiki gives us みずたに きみお which translates to "Mizutani Kimio". The western one sounds more like someone tried to translate each character for itself.

4) Also about tracks 9 & 10, composition is credited to "大安蓮". It's an alias or an early name of the same performer "Masato Shimon", but some western site report/translate it like "Taian Ren".
That's why I connected 大安蓮 to Shimon's profile. I couldn't fine a source that confirms any romanizations, so I left it that way.
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