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Default VTCL-35017: Kero Neko no Tango / Osamu Minagawa to Hibari Children Chorus

LaLiLuLeLo893: I rejected your JAN edit because I really can't verify the barcode that's printed on the cover you provided. Is it your own scan, or do you have a source? Well, if it isn't yours maybe it was tampered with or, perhaps otherwise, it's just a misprint.

Well, I think I've solved the mystery. There are several products with the same number, but they're (most likely) only used for product listings where the product code is unknown. It's like a placeholder code, and I'm thinking, the provided cover must've come from the official site or something from some years back when it was about to be released.


As you can see, the manufacturer ID and product ID parts are both generic numbers, "12345".

Replaced the provided cover with the (supposedly) newer one. Posting it here for future reference:

I think I found the source, too:

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