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Originally Posted by Zhane Masaki View Post
What about if there are only digital versions of said album?
This thread is meant to deter file traders, not people who purchase and own music digitally. What it should have said was:

If you don't own the albums in your collection, please set them to private, or use folder titles that aren't a glaring advertisement for file trading.
A significant number of users on the site use the "Collection" feature as a means of cataloging their illegally downloaded music files, to which some users were taking advantage of that fact and using it as a means of file trading either by implicit or explicit advertising. There are also the users who use the Collection feature correctly, only cataloging things they personally own (physical or digital), but what was happening was the users who were looking for music would end up sending messages to those users asking for digital rips of said albums. It happened to me a few times and it was annoying.

There's unfortunately nothing that can be done to prevent people from cataloging their downloaded music and I'm not really in any position to preach about the merits or demerits of it, but since this site isn't built on file trading or sharing music (just cataloging), the administration cordially requests you mark those kinds of folders/catalogs as private so you don't promote the kind of behavior noted above.
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