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I always hate to post about these things because I feel like I'm complaining, but... is there any update on this? This has been happening since I joined the site - looking up CDs, posting... It happened to me when I tried to post a couple times just this past week and I remember it also happened to me in the Poison Pink thread, which was really aggravating because that was a pretty long response that I had put some work into. I waited something like 20 minutes for that one. Tonight I was trying to look up a CD, and that took half an hour.

Like TerraEpon said, the time seems to be around 10:40, though sometimes even a little earlier for me and it extends past 11:00. Does anybody know what's causing this problem? I understand it's not a big deal to walk away from a website for half an hour, but when you're into something and want to look some facts up real quick, it's very discouraging when you happen to catch the site during its annoying little downtime and sometimes I just give up and I'm over it by the time the site comes back.
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