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Originally Posted by CHz View Post
Nakanishi composed "Stimulation" and Okubo composed "Rage Racer" and "Silver Stream," so both wrote music for the game.

My guess is that "Deep Drive" is Okubo's, but I'm really bad at guessing composers so the opposite is probably true. It's also the best track from the game <333333
Just getting around to this issue now myself, triggered by the fact that synthesitech recently posted "Game Over" on youtube and credited it as Nakanishi.

I posted a comment there as you can see, and someone else replied, but for some reason their comment isn't appearing. It said:

Well when I ripped the redbook audio from my PlayStation disc it automatically tagged the songs with each individual composer. Maybe synthesitech did the same thing *shrugs*
Quite where they fetched their tags from I'm not sure, because freedb in foobar2000 isn't bringing up anything.

I seem to remember synthesitech uploaded "Deep Drive" some time ago too (maybe on his previous account which was banned) and he credited it to Okubo. So CHz you were right about that, if it is correct :P

(hm, this discussion would be better on a Rage Racer product entry!)
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