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Default ROSE GUNS DAYS (#3070)

Credits meant for the product page:

Composer: Luck Ganriki, Rokugen Alice, dai, M.ZAKKY, pre-holder, Funczion SOUNDS, xaki
Arranger: M.ZAKKY, xaki, Gekijo Tenor

Song Credits
Ai wa Omertà (Season 1 Opening Theme)
Performer: Rojak feat. Mayumi
Composer/Arranger: Luck Ganriki
Lyricist: Kanae Sakura, Luck Ganriki

Rojak are
Vocal: Captain Gicchi  
Vocal: D.chi
Guitar: Death Niimu
Bass: RyuZee
Drums: maimai

Brand New Way, Broadway (Last Season Opening Theme)
Lyrics: Kasumi Shinjo
Composer: 奏汰
Arranger: Gekijo Tenor
Performers: Gekijo Tenor

Last Note (Last Season Ending Song)
Composition/Arrangement: xaki
Vocal: Zakuro Motoki

Conductor, "I miss you, I need you" (Last Season Credits Song)
Performers: Gekijo Tenor
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