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Question Cynthia's Vs Theme (Pokémon)

So, I was wanting some input. Does anyone think it would be possible to change the tempo of Cynthia's Vs theme from Pokémon D/P/Pt so that it plays at the same speed as the version from Black/White? I've tried just simply increasing the tempo in Audacity, but the beginning still seems to slow. Is it as simple as just changing the whole song's tempo, or will that not suffice? This has been bugging me for literal months, as I like the way the original version of the song sounds, but prefer the tempo and/or pitch of the newer version. Err, sorry if this seems rather specific. EDIT: Also, does this sound right for the BPM of the songs? Original (D/P/Pt): ~187-188BPM; Newer (B/W): ~192-193BPM
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