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Yes, but only with a lot of effort and either using iframes or Javascript. If everyone thinks this is a great idea, then I'll do that, but I think that the opportunity cost is too high in this instance. We could be implementing a great new feature in the tens of hours it will take to do that compared to simply bringing the playlist up in a new window.

The more significant problem, perhaps, is that this scheme would cause search engine rankings to decrease significantly. To the search engines, such a site would appear to be only one page. Google plans to release support for AJAX websites like that in a few months, but until then the site would drop off the rankings almost completely.


On a different note, none of the site designs has discussed colors or graphics, and these need to be addressed quickly. I've already got experience points half-working in the Dev version. They are being stored for everyone someone does in the Dev version, but I have yet to implement an interface to display how many points people have to users.

One design I'm not really willing to consider is using 8-bit graphics and old C64 or SNES-style pixelated text. Game music has evolved quite a bit over the years, and I think that portraying the site in that manner limits the appeal to hardcore gamers. Casual gamers and people who don't play games are more likely to download songs, I say, if the site looks more modern.

Perhaps FoxxDragon should be contacted and asked to produce some sample graphics that combine both games and modernity? I'm sure he might consider doing so. If he designs something we like, he could then be paid to secure the rights for the new design.
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