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I was thinking further about this, since I woke up early and couldn't fall back asleep.

I think we need to preserve our brands, and keep the presentation of VGMdb separated from VGMdb-Anime, but yet under the same umbrella. This really boils down to having separate front pages with separate filters.

Guests who visit the VGMdb front page will only see updates and news about the VGM portion of the site. Likewise, visitors to VGMdb-Anime only see anime stuff. The filters are set in each spot to exclude everything else.

Content is not duplicated. A VGM visitor and an Anime visitor see the same album pages, etc. Discographies and Labels are never filtered, so visitors can eventually work their way onto pages from other genres. It should hopefully be clear that these won't show up in searches or on the frontpage.

However, album search results and album browsing are still filtered just like now, but your filter is based on which site "portal" you visited last. You just have two filters now, one for VGMdb and one for VGMdb-anime (and we could further restrict it, so that only the category is duplicated, but the rest of the settings are shared.) You can modify these as you wish, and can turn on the anime albums at VGMdb if you'd like. The default when you start as a new user though, should just be VGM.

There may be some flaws in this idea, so we should discuss it more.
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