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Originally Posted by shawnphase View Post
HE ASKED FOR COMMENTS. how does this fix anything? who wants to wait around 77 minutes? steve says he would listen to anyone's comments about this, but its not true because ive said it before and ill say it again: this cacheing issue is one of the biggest downfalls of the site. are my comments worth any less than anybody elses? that isnt 'resolved', thats just a bandaid on a big mess of ajax and symfony. so its not 4 hours and 17 minutes, now its 77 minutes, because he's worried about the hosting company? like i said, there is a mess of ajax. this is a big problem which is obviously why im posting here.

told steve this when i was working with him, now im saying it again. these quick fix developments dont do anything for the enduser if the functionality of the site's not addressed.
shawn, everyone knows that there are problems with the site, and I'm working on them. What's the deal here? You're turning this forum into a place like the Shizz, where everyone just rails on everyone else about everything. You complained about djpretzel and Liontamer and how they bring down the community, but you're spending time here making life miserable for everyone instead of helping to improve things. If you hate me personally, it's not right for you to ruin other people's experiences, most of whom have no idea about your disagreements with me.

Whatever I did to you, I apologize and I mean it. I hope that you might consider changing your stance and working with people to improve the site, by talking to other people in a more moderate tone or by reviewing songs or participating in compos.

If you aren't interested in helping out or at least being constructive in your criticism, then I ask you to leave. If you don't like what we're doing, then please spend your time on another forum or do something else.
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