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Originally Posted by Omnomnomnom View Post
I don't think there's any applicable way in which people could upload 2 versions of a track for competition revision. You couldn't do that for any one scene in a game. It's up to the artist to choose what they think works best for what's been asked of them. Sorry Warp, but I don't get how this would work business-wise.
In most cases I would agree with you...but in the case of a national anthem I would argue that people would like to hear the music just by itself as well as a vocal performance.

If it were in an RPG like the competition suggests, I doubt the vocal track could be looped over and over without annoying everyone to death, so the instrumental track would work better for bgm. The vocal track may work for a cutscene or something else.'s not like it's a totally different song.

There could be an option for the Comp creator to "allow multiple submissions from same artists?" Check yes or no...