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Originally Posted by shawnphase View Post
ahahahah, when did i complain about anybody bringing anything down? how am i making life miserable for anybody? i dont hate you. hate is a strong word, i would say if anything i pity you because you think i am ruining something, but im not ruining anything. am i not allowed to have an opinion? in that, i see you making the same mistakes, not working to the potential within the choices you've made, as well as operating within the same status quo that you've accused others of doing just the same, and that also got you here to the point that you are understaffed, overwhatevered, and in way over your head. you have problems finding a graphic designer, but you dont want to go out of your comfort zone to either find someone, or pay someone to do this. so how is this about me? its the same situation with this specific coding issue, which you know damn well i have voiced with you. so if i am still here, bringing this up with you, then how can you say theres even an ion of hate or malice in it? this is not about me. but naturally, you go for the jugular and im tellin you, ITS WACK DAWG.

you need to stop trying to make things about everybody else who is simply doing what they want to do, and not running into the same problems that you are. that is not everybody else's fault, but somehow you want to displace that frustration because i guess maybe its easier for you to do. absolving guilt is a human thing, but for the love of dod, dont make this about me, or the shizz, or ocr or david lloyd or larry oji or anybody within this scene. this is what has gotten you such an ugly worldview of the genre that you continue to so vehemently declare you have a spot in. you have to make that for yourself. if you cant find a better way to turn your venom into some determination to nut up and really figure out the impetus as to whats holding you back personally and how that relates to what's holding the site back, then maybe it would do you well to take a step back, look at it, and really read between the lines of what im saying.

one last thing, your apology doesnt make sense because you dont know what you're apologizing for. i dont want an apology from you. the only thing i want for you is to change your mindset and your line of thinking, because you're no longer looking out for the best interest of the site in my eyes.
Hey, I'm not going to respond to the personal issues discussed here. If you want to criticize me about personal issues, do so in private messages or through some other means. This board is for discussion about the site, its events, its features, and video game music, and not a place to analyze what's mentally "wrong" with people. I haven't attempted to analyze any psychological illnesses I may or may not perceive about you, OCR administrators, or anyone else. Cut that out or I'm going to ask Chris to have you banned the next time you do it. I'm serious about this one.

As to the comments about graphics, I've already stated that graphics are a problem. They're the next issue that's being worked upon. Kidd Cabbage already drew up a great design proposal. But I'm hesitant to go through with it unless the proposed design receives universal acclaim because I already redesigned the site once in July, and reception was only marginally better than the first design. As FoxxDragon himself said, one has to be really sure what the design should be before implementing it.

I can only work with the time that I have, and there is no money available to hire anyone else. They cut the free gym where I work, so the money for remixSite this year has been lost to a gym membership. While the original intention was to pay someone to design the site, that's no longer possible.

That's the way it is. It's not an opinion or complaint (who in their right mind would complain about still having a job?) - it's a fact. The world is not what it used to be and it will probably not be that way for a long time.

In music production, it can take 2000 hours to write a single track. Those not in the industry often don't understand why it takes so long. Similarly, programming and designing stuff takes time. Even small features are complicated to test. Everything can't be done overnight, and there is no money to be made in video game remixes. The design will get done eventually, but complaining about it not being done doesn't help things get done any faster.
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