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you just responded to it, regardless of whether you see it that way or not. it wasnt even in this thread either. im sure you didnt think that one through though.

so anyways, criticizing you, or even talking to you, isnt even really an option now. now, and kind of adversely with what i asked of you before with not leaving me pm's in other places or either talking to me directly or emailing me you werent respectful of, and now you show the same kind of indignance by ignoring my pm's is still an issue between us. i try and show you respect even though you dont like what i have to say by sharing an opinion which is factual, and you come at me threatening bans, editing my posts, trying to silence my opinion.

i can only assume its your own way of saving face with yourself by not addressing me in private, but doing so in pubilc. its not right, steve. you never really treated me right. and i feel like im allowed to have an opinion and voice it from the outside when i see you put up two consecutive bug fixes that introduced bugs, give reasons as to why the site design would be either time or money consuming when either of those factors dont come into play if you want something to happen, it goes on. i could continue to make examples but if you dont get what im saying now then im sorry, but anything i or anybody else could ever say to you is lost on you and then i really am wasting my time.
ill make it a point to not waste my time any longer so you wont have to worry about banning me or silencing what i have to say. then you will have the same 2 to 5 people using this forum, no growth, no nothing. that in and of itself speaks enough. you owe it to remixsite to listen to the shit im tryin to put in your ear, because you cant even listen to it or even read between the lines. i dont say any of it to be hurtful. i say it to try and wake you up to how trivial and wishywashy it seems when you make reasons that consistently become excuses. i saw you do it for months.

you've blocked and/or ignored me or just mentally selectively blockedignored me, just as you ignored the two pm's i left you here, so this is the medium you have dictated in order to have any communication with you. you can threaten me with a ban, but per the rules of the site im pretty sure i only have one infraction and i dont think ive said anything malicious or hurtful or even outside the scope of good taste. and even now, i have nothing to lose or gain either way by voicing my opinions here. i am fairly certain im entitled to my opinions just the same as everybody and anybody else. i am not being abusive, you simply dont like what i have to say.

you are the only one who has anything negative to say about what im trying to tell you, and i certainly dont see people opposing what im trying to say. they may realize that im fairly spot on and consistent with what im saying. i believe one word used was 'theraputic'. so draw your own conclusions as to what the end result of any sort of effort that i could expend on anything i could say to you would do for me. i guarantee you its the same exact thing that you appear to be understanding for yourself, despite all the words i still type to try and open your eyes to what i, and many others who simply dont have the heart to tell you might see.

its time for remixsite to sink or swim, and if the site is still worthwhile to you, some big changes should occur, or else with these half-fixes that turn into bigger problems, the casual visitor is really not going to give your site a chance. if you feel i've attached a rock to the legs of your site, then i suggest you consider what led to you telling me that i let someone else 'win' in a battle that im not even a part of. here is a freebie: its due to the way you operate and the way you outwardly project your thoughts. fairly certain your tenure at theshizz proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt. this is my opinon and im entitled to it and stickin to it. and as far as a ban is concerned, im pretty sure im on the safe side of being within the scope of whats banworthy and whats not. theres nothing abusive or even indignant in what im saying, but somehow i cant say the same for you. i see complaining when sure, it might be justified, but you dont take into consideration what's led me to complain a single bit.

more than anything i ask myself what i would get out of trying to explain these things to you in such a way, but all i can tell myself is that i still hold out a semblance of hope. you'd have to understand that you need to make a drastic change, basically start over from scratch and make the site more visually attractive, which is the first thing i told you from the beginning. get rid of all the ajax and symfony, make a webpage that isnt so reliant on bugfixes for problems which shouldnt even be problems on a site this size and scale. get rid of all this dumpy code, these caches, take a look at sites like,, sites that do it right. your site is not doing it right. im not going to say your site is doing things wrong, but the right thing isnt always easy and it still remains right. i see you doing the equivalent of putting a bandaid on a stabwound in terms of the problems the site has and will always have if you keep it on this track. i hold out hope that by banging it into your head here at the zero hour of my caring that you may somehow get it finally, but i donno man. its ideally up to you, but you may not see it that way and thats unfortunate.

and finally just to be clear and touch on this one last time, as far as suggesting you're autistic or you have aspbergers, that wasnt even in this thread. not to mention that in no such way in what i said did i apply it in the context that its 'wrong' or 'you are mentally wrong'. its a shame you brought it up in another thread this way, obviously it struck a chord with you and thats not my place to say one way or another. it was a simple distinction that was brought up, albeit not even by me, but i guess you go for the worst possible outlook you can have about that. its not my place to say whether its right or wrong. but if you feel accused and you want to bring up stuff about wrong or right, i think it speaks volumes about you that you obviously feel differently about people with mental illness, regardless of whether you have it, you identify with it, or you simply acknowledge it. its downright creepy.
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