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Originally Posted by strugglepoo View Post
Anyone mind translating the audio portion of the staff roll? Just curious.
Sound Direction & Sound Effects & Composition: S.MURATA [Satoshi Murata]
Sound Produce & Composition: Nazo²鈴木 [Nazo Suzuki]
Composition: 畑 亜貴 [Aki Hata]
Composition: NON [Norio Hanzawa]

-Since T.K.O. refers to the entire sound team in terms of arrangement credit, I conclude that Aki Hata is included in it even though she is essentially singled out in the notes due to how they're written.
-Furthermore, since Norio composed track 6 (arrange of Devilish Forest [Track 15]), wouldn't that mean he composed Track 15 as well? My guess is they did that to keep that part of the booklet's notes within a certain limit and/or for symmetrical reasons and nothing more.
-On that note, since Aki Hata's composition credits go beyond the tracks that were used in the arranged versions [3 of her tracks weren't arranged], I would have to say that Aki Hata's credits are complete as are Norio's. If Norio had done more tracks, the notes would have reflected them properly by being one line longer than what's presented, which in turn would have allowed room for the number 15 among others. Again, since this is NOT the case, I am left to conclude that Track 6 [and by extension 15] were Norio's only composition credits.

-Therefore, the rest of the tracks are either Satoshi's or Nazo's. However, Nazo was already mentioned in the credits aside from composition, and Satoshi is more-or-less sound effects in the games he's been in [which is why he doesn't have a page here yet]. Something's not adding up.,200959 - Nazo Suzuki,44147 - Satoshi Murata

*Still, if the note writers were lazy with crediting Track 15 to Norio and Nazo isn't recognized for composition despite being mentioned elsewhere, then the two of them as well as Satoshi must make up the T.K.O. composition credit. The use of T.K.O. proves that more than one person composed those tracks, as they could have used that line for Norio's composition credit or credited the remaining 8 to Nazo if he did, in fact, compose the remaining 8, which proves that SE-based Satoshi did compose some of them assuming that Norio's credits are complete. Therefore, if Norio wasn't significant enough to have more than one track noted for composition credit, then I can only assume that the rest are all either Nazo's or Satoshi's based on this logic.

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