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Furthermore, since Norio composed track 6 (arrange of Devilish Forest [Track 15]), wouldn't that mean he composed Track 15 as well?

also i think your hypothesis about NON's credits being incomplete is incorrect, simply because i'm 99% certain he wrote Sub Space 2 [Track 13.] that one is SO HIM, moreso than Devlish Forest. Couldn't say about any others though, so that might be it for his songs. Mountain Peak and Evil World sound more like Nazo2 material, the rest just remind me more of Dynamite Headdy than of anything else by NON.

really, i think we shouldn't presume that any one composer's credits are complete. T.K.O. could be any of them. as for why there isn't a full break down, i have no idea, it is confusing.

... hm, furthermore -- might it be an idea to make an db entry for T.K.O.?
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