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Default UPCI-1098: Iryu Team Medical Dragon 3 -THE BEST- ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK

All details from the booklet and CDjapan.

Scans will be uploaded at a later date.

It's also worth noting that I separated the notes into [INSERT SONG NOTES] and [BOOKLET NOTES]. This is because there was an insert inside the booklet, which was also a booklet but it contained the lyrics for each of the vocal songs in the album, as well as the artist details, so I have made that apparent in the notes for this submission.

In terms of the order that the title of the album is displayed in, I went by the Obi. Instead of what's on the cover, which would be displayed as "Iryu Team Medical Dragon 3 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK -THE BEST-", the Obi shows that "-THE BEST-" is meant to come before the "ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK" part.

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