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Default Question about possible soundtrack submission

Apologies if this isn't the right section to ask this quesiton.

Are soundtracks for eBooks eligible for inclusion on VGMdb? I have three in mind. And if it's allowed, what should I classify them in the category section?

The ones I have in mind were composed by a group led by Seiji Toda. Seven (inc. Toda) out of the twelve participants have profiles on here. I should note not all members are composers, or musicians rather.

Seiji Toda
Yoske Kakegawa
Takashi Watanabe
Mitsuto Suzuki
Naoyuki Honzawa
Masahiro Matsuda
Kengo Tokusashi

No profiles
タナカカツキ (Katsuki Tanaka /
スギモトトモユキ (Sugimoto Tomoyuki /
長野孝豊 (
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