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Default SSCX-10026: CHOCOBO NO FUSHIGINA DUNGEON 2 Original Soundtrack

This is another soundtrack whose translations I am wondering about. I still have some really old translations, but sometimes they seem to be better (or at least more accurate in punctuation) than the ones here.

For track 12, "Spirit of Truth", I have "Chant of Truth". Multiple online translators seem to think 言霊 is "kotodama", which seems to mean soul / power of language. And then 真実, which means "truth", and の to join them. This would make Chant of Truth more accurate, or maybe it would mean "The True Power of Language" or something.

For track 15, I can't really understand it, but there seems to be a lot more there besides "Old Cid's Castle." The one I have is "Old Man Cid's Castle". *shrug* Maybe I'm looking into it too hard.

Track 24 should definitely be "Ultros".

Many of the other tracks seem to match up (although some magically pop up with exclamation marks where there are none), but this is an older game and it may have a pretty dated tracklist. The one on Chudah's Corner is exactly the same, so I'm sort of going back to the Brave Fencer Musashi thing right now :P
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