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Default Project Gun Frontier (#962)

After corrected by relevant people, SuperSweep stops treating Dinorex as part of the Gun Frontier trilogy, but I'd keep it for now, since we sometimes include a spiritual successor into its whole franchise. Rather than making a bunch of isolated titles, I think it'd be more helpful for users . It should still be judged on a case-by-case (e.g. I would separate Guilty Gear from BlazeBlue by any mean), but with regard to Dinorex, several websites place this as the third title of the trilogy and there isn't much connection between Metal Black and Gun Frontier anyway, so I think it's fine to include Dinorex too.

(Incidentally, in case anybody notices our Dinorex entry is empty, there is actually an upcoming soundtrack release for Dinorex (a first press bonus of this box) , but we've not submitted it yet).
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